Join BostInno in recognizing the city’s inventors, disruptors, luminaries, and newsmakers across all industries.
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No cliché awards ceremony. No boring speeches. Just a room of Boston's brightest gathering to celebrate 50 of Boston's best.

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50 on Fire | BostInno

Join us in recognizing the city’s inventors, disrupters, luminaries, and newsmakers across all industries in Boston. Learn more at

Meet 8 of the 50 on Fire Tech Nominees Making Their Mark on Boston

Mon, 15 Sep, 2014 by: Lauren Landry
Boston's tech community has been busy this past year. Whether out raising funding, adding key members to their executive team or filing for an initial public offering, dozens of the city's entrepreneurs have helped prove why we annually host 50...

10 Marketing & Advertising Innovators Heating up the Hub

Fri, 12 Sep, 2014 by: Caroline Lyle
50 on Fire is back! Know a company or individual setting the scene on fire? Nominate them today. The deadline for submissions is September 30. There was a time when Boston was only a mere blip on the marketing industry radar. New York City...

First 50 on Fire Industry Meetup Kicks Off September 24th

Tue, 2 Sep, 2014 by: Maggie Kolb
Join us Wednesday, September 24th at Carrie Nation for the Marketing/Advertising, Tech and Media Meetup This December, the third annual 50 on Fire awards celebration lights up the Innovation District, bringing together over 1,000 of Boston's most...

50 on Fire Tickets Available Now [Event]

Thu, 21 Aug, 2014 by: Maggie Kolb
Calling all luminaries, trailblazers, visionaries, disruptors, and ground breakers. BostInno's third-annual 50 on Fire awards celebration is back Thursday, December 4th. For those of you new to the game, #50onFireBOS is the high-energy...

Who's Hot in 2014? #50onFireBOS Nominations Open Now

Mon, 18 Aug, 2014 by: Maggie Kolb
The air was a bit brisk this morning, a disheartening reminder that summer is drawing to a close. But as the temperatures outside cool down, here at BostInno we're heating things up.  On December 4, the third-annual 50 on Fire awards celebration...

Who's on Fire? 50 on Fire Nominations Open Now

Mon, 21 Jul, 2014 by: Maggie Kolb
This December, BostInno honors the year's Top 50 visionaries, luminaries, trailblazers, game-changers, and innovators across Boston's hottest industries at the year-end awards celebration like. no. other. No boring speeches, no archaic award...

Check Out the Official 50 on Fire Playlist

Fri, 20 Dec, 2013 by: Maggie Kolb
It's Friday afternoon before Christmas and we're all feeling the aftermath of one too many holiday parties this week. If you have 90's Christmas music stuck in your head and it's just not helping you get through the afternoon, plug in your...

You Came, We Celebrated, and 50 Won. Check out the 50 on Fire Event Video!

Wed, 11 Dec, 2013 by: Caroline Lyle
It’s been almost a week since 50 on Fire, but it’s seems Boston is still buzzing from our epic awards event. Since last Thursday, we’ve heard nothing but a resounding “What a night!” from everyone who attended 50 on Fire. For one...

Relive the Epic Celebration: Check out 50 on Fire Photos!

Fri, 6 Dec, 2013 by: Caroline Lyle
1,000 Bostonians. 50 winners. One spectacular night. Another successful 50 on Fire has come and gone. Last night, Boston’s best and brightest packed the Moakley Courthouse, burned up the dancefloor, and toasted 50 extraordinary companies and...

Announcing the Winners of 50 on Fire! [Video]

Fri, 6 Dec, 2013 by: Caroline Lyle
A spectacular crowd, a spectacular night. Last night, we discovered what happens when over 1,000 of Boston’s best come together to mark a year in innovation: one electrifying evening none of us will soon forget. We are still basking in the glow...
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